Pre-Terminated Fibre Leads

4-24 Core Pre-Terminated Fibre Cables (Preterm Fibre)

Turnkey Fibre Solutions offers a wide variety of fibre optic pre-terminated cables for  internal and external application. Pre-terminated fibre cables are designed to make fibre link installation easier and reduces the costs of fibre engineers to splice backbone cables onsite.No special testing equipment is required as all leads are fully tested before they are dispatched.

We can supply either panel to panel pre-terms were the tail ends are installed into containment at each end of the link, or we can offer switch to switch where the ends are terminated like patchcord ends for connection directly into the front of a switch with no containment protection required. Switch to Panel options are also available on request.

Internal/External Corrugated Steel Tape Armoured Preterms (CSTA)
Internal/External Preterms Loose Tube
Internal/External Preterms Tight Buffered
Internal/External Steel Wire Armoured Preterms (SWA)