Fibre Optic Adapters

Fibre optic adapters are used in many forms of application, the most common are in fibre patch panels.
Most adapters come in Multimode and Singlemode form with either a phosphor bronze or ceramic alignment sleeve.
Adapters are installed into patch panels and other termination units either by being screwed into the panels or by a retaining nut that screws onto the adapter.

Hybrid Fibre Optic Adapters
Standard Fibre Adapters / Couplers
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E2000 Singlemode Simplex Adaptor BLUE
(Ex VAT): £8.18
E2000APC Singlemode Simplex Adaptor GREEN
(Ex VAT): £10.02
FC Singlemode Double 'D' Hole Adapter
(Ex VAT): £2.19
FCAPC Singlemode Adapter Double D Hole
(Ex VAT): £2.19
LC Multimode Duplex Adapter Standard
(Ex VAT): £2.19
LC Multimode Quad Adapter
(Ex VAT): £4.41
LC Multimode Simplex Adapter
(Ex VAT): £3.13
LC Singlemode Duplex Adapter - Standard
(Ex VAT): £3.75
LC Singlemode Quad Adapter
(Ex VAT): £7.50
LC Singlemode Simplex Adapter
(Ex VAT): £3.13
LC-FC Singlemode Simplex Adapter
(Ex VAT): £25.00
LC-SC Singlemode Simplex Adapter
(Ex VAT): £25.00
LC-ST Singlemode Simplex Adapter
(Ex VAT): £25.00
LCAPC Duplex Singlemode Adapter
(Ex VAT): £8.75
MTRJ Adaptor
MTRJ Adaptor ..
(Ex VAT): £2.30
SC Multimode Duplex Adaptor
(Ex VAT): £1.31
SC Multimode Simplex Adaptor
(Ex VAT): £0.88
SC Singlemode Duplex Adaptor
(Ex VAT): £2.54
SC Singlemode Simplex Adaptor
(Ex VAT): £1.88
SC-FC Multimode Simplex Adaptor - Plastic
(Ex VAT): £5.00
SC-FC Singlemode Simplex Adaptor - Plastic
(Ex VAT): £5.00
SCAPC Singlemode Duplex Adaptor
(Ex VAT): £2.54
SCAPC Singlemode Simplex Adaptor
(Ex VAT): £1.94
ST Multimode Adaptor
(Ex VAT): £0.88
ST Multimode Duplex Plastic Adapter
(Ex VAT): £1.56
ST Singlemode Adaptor
(Ex VAT): £1.29
ST-FC Singlemode Simplex Adapter
(Ex VAT): £5.00
ST-SC Multimode Duplex Adaptor - Plastic
(Ex VAT): £5.00
ST-SC Singlemode Simplex Adaptor - Plastic
(Ex VAT): £5.00