Ruggedised (FLAT TWIN)

The Ruggedised (Flat Twin) Duplex fibre patchcord has an extra outer jacket the covers both the fibre legs of the patchcord, this offers extra protection and makes the fibre patchcord more robust than the standard duplex patchcord.

These leads are normally used where the fibre patchcord is being installed in ducting or on long lengths of cable trays and that extra bit of protection is required for installation purposes.

These leads are special order leads and are made to order as per the requirements of the project.

Ruggedised (FLAT TWIN) Patchcords OM1 (62.5/125) GREY
Ruggedised (FLAT TWIN) Patchcords OM2 (50/125) ORANGE
Ruggedised (FLAT TWIN) Patchcords OM3 (50/125) AQUA
Ruggedised (FLAT TWIN) Patchcords OS1 (9/125) YELLOW