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Fibre Optic Patchcords

Patchcords are used for patching between a fibre optic cabling system and fibre optic transmission equipment such as media convertors, switches, video transmitters etc.
Also providing moveable links between sections of permanently installed cable at patch panels or distribution frames.
Patchcords are manufactured using tight jacket cables with aramid yarn strength members and a LSZH jacket.
Patchcords can be supplied in Simplex meaning one fibre or Duplex meaning two fibres.
Duplex patchcords come in either 3mm zip cable or minizip which is 2.0mm. All stock patchcords with either an LC or an MTRJ come on minizip as standard.
Patchcords can be terminated with many combinations of connection to suit your application such as LC, SC, ST, E2000 etc.
We supply a range of fibre patchcords in all modes such as OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and OS1. There are various types of fibre patchcord, some more robust than others please see below the options we offer.

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